Business events are an excellent tool for generating new clients, promoting new products and services, and allowing your current clients to see your business’s plans for the future in action. Even though events can be a valuable marketing and promotional asset, if audience anticipation is low, the event won’t gain traction among your target market. Thus, momentum will slow and make your online-event a total bust.


To garner prospective clients’ interest and instill trust and excitement in current ones, you need to have multiple online-event communication touchpoints in place. Below are three reasons why having several touchpoints will play an essential role in getting more attendees to your virtual conferences/events.


Keeps Your Business On The Client’s Mind

Your business needs to be at the forefront of the client’s mind to ensure they transition to online-event attendees. It is not enough to plan an event whether it be an online conference, or virtual-keypoint speaker, and send out one invitation, expecting all your invitees to attend. It would be best if you created multiple online communication touchpoints, so customers don’t only think about your business but also anticipate your upcoming digital gathering.


If you plan far in advance, sending direct mail that uses language suggesting something big is on its way will spark interest. If these are followed by social media bites with a link to tickets and a unique online hosting platform, alluding to something exciting on the horizon, you will draw in clients.


A couple of months closer to the event, you can follow up with more details. If you continue with these hints, invitations, and direct marketing techniques promoting the web seminar, clients won’t be just curious; they will be eager to attend.


Highlights Your Dedication To Client Satisfaction

If you aren’t in constant communication with your clients, they may feel a lack of dedication. Having an event where you can show off your plans for the future and offer promotional products and services gets clients excited about your business and makes them spread the word.


When you have multiple communication touchpoints, including online marketing material, direct mail, social media previews, or other professionally designed advertising material, it shows clients the volume of work you are doing to foster their happiness and satisfaction. Even if invitees can’t make it, they will see you don’t just host digital conferences; you spend resources to flaunt your customer dedication.


Fosters A Customer Community

When you create anticipation for an event using multiple communication touchpoints, you get people excited while fostering a customer community. For most businesses, with many clients who live in different geographic locations, client-to-client engagement tends to be non-existent. Having clients come together on a digital platform, where they can interact via text or video, creates a stable customer community.


Having this community creates steady profits and helps to improve your following on social media platforms. The more people talking about your business, the more likely you will harness the interest of untapped target markets.


Using direct mail marketing, a valuable communication touchpoint, to promote your web-conference, is the best place to start, whether online or in-person. With continuous follow-ups, bite-size previews, and exciting promotional material released according to a carefully mapped schedule leading up to the online-event, you will be on a fast-track to increased profits and customer engagement.


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