Despite technology’s consistent effort to eliminate older forms of communication, mail continues to survive. Contrary to what you may assume, direct mail is one of the most reliable and responsive forms of marketing, to this day.


People generally respond better to information that is presented in a physical form as opposed to a digital one. But now, technology may finally be to assist marketers with their direct mail efforts. Below is a brief breakdown of why you need to integrate QR codes into all of your direct mail campaigns.


Why Are QR Codes Valuable to Marketers?

QR codes are small, scannable squares that can be customized to send users to a specific landing page. This technology, while recently popular, has been around for a while. Some of the early Blackberry phones had QR capabilities because their cameras were built with a QR scanner. Unfortunately, RIM, the Blackberry producer, fell off the map along with the popularity of QR codes. This was because the smartphone giants, Google and Apple, didn’t include QR scanners in their base camera feature. A lack of a built-in QR scanner meant the accessibility of QR was completely compromised. Until, of course, it came back. 


Now, every iPhone and Android smartphone can read a QR code by launching their camera application and hovering over the black and white square. Considering the current accessibility and convenience of opening up your camera, the functionality of QR codes has become a serious engagement tool for modern marketing teams.


Older forms of advertising in mediums such as magazines, newspapers, and posters have been revitalized by QR codes’ interactivity. Previously, a film poster, for example, would have to list the movie’s website at the bottom or top of the medium. A viewer who was interested would have to type in the URL into their search engine by hand. This sort of process discourages engagement because it presents too many obstacles for the viewer. With a QR code, you eliminate all those steps. Similarly, you can be much more specific with your landing pages because the URL length is no longer an issue. 

The best part about enhanced interactivity between the audience and a physical medium is that you can generate live marketing analytics.


The Benefits of QR Codes in Direct Mail Campaigns

QR codes do three things really well that directly benefit physical marketing campaigns like direct mail:


Condense Information, Focus on Presentation

Firstly, QR codes allow you to dramatically decrease the amount of information you present in your mailers. Instead of a newsletter, you can email a visual, attention-grabbing card with a few key points and a QR code. 

Generate Marketing Analytics

One of the greatest obstacles of direct mail is their inability to accurately monitor the response rate for their mailers. While coupons are easy ways to overcome this problem, not all campaigns are going to be so specific with their CTA. By scanning a QR code, you can receive live stats on all your respondents. 

Convenience Encourages Interaction

With most smartphones, you can open up your camera without even having to fully log in. This goes hand-in-hand with the high-response rate that mailers already present. For instance, 42.2% of direct mail recipients already scan or read every piece of mail that they receive. This kind of combined synergy between direct mail and QR codes makes them a must for any modern marketer.


Looking to integrate QR codes into your next direct mail campaign? Visit our Direct Mail page to learn how you can elevate this increasingly effective marketing medium.


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