In a day and age where trust is the key to building customer relationships, and customer relationships are key to long-term business, the main focus for companies should be on building long-lasting relationships. But how?

Considering how many of us rely on the web for our business needs, personal interests, and entertainment, a lot of relationship-building is done online. If you’ve noticed in your social ads, emails and even mailers, the most effective way to do this is by tailoring your company’s services to adapt to the personalized needs and wants of your target market and valued customers – we like to call this personalization.


What is Personalization?

Personalization is all about meeting the wants and needs of individual consumers rather than making mass efforts to target all of your consumers at once. For example, you want to tailor your products and services to individual consumers or groups of consumers who share similar wants, needs, and preferences.

It’s about making your marketing efforts more specific to your audience, which will make them develop more of a personal connection with your brand. But how can you do that? The answer is, with the help of personalized campaigns.


What Are Examples of Personalized Campaigns?

Companies use their marketing efforts to design campaigns that promote their products and services through various means and messages. For digital campaigns, examples might include personalized emails promoting products similar to those that specific customers have previously purchased, conducting questionnaires showcasing personalized results, or creating ads with special recommendations.

Examples of popular personalized campaigns are Spotify’s “Made For You” playlist, where users receive custom-made weekly playlists comprised of songs similar to those they have previously added to their playlists. Another example would be a company’s ad that pops up on Facebook, showcasing products similar to ones a consumer has previously bought or looked at. Netflix’s “Recommended For You” section is another popular example, where users are recommended TV shows and movies similar to those they watch.


Why Does Personalization Matter for Campaigns?

The reason why personalization is so effective for campaigns is because it gives companies the ability to use the information they have about specific customers (or groups of customers) to directly appeal to the individual wants, needs, and preferences. Companies are creating campaigns that are suitable for specific customers, featuring content and messages that they’re likely to enjoy – which helps you build stronger brand connection!

From the customer’s perspective, they’re receiving messages, recommendations, songs, movies, music, or other products or services that are similar to what they like. Personalization is also likely to lead to impulse purchases, increased revenue, and increased loyalty towards the company.


Are Campaigns Personalized Enough?

According to a Personalization report by Segment, only 22% of consumers reported being happy with the level of personalization they were receiving. This proves there is plenty of room for growth in the personalization area and companies should target consumers with this in mind.

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