Direct mail campaigns are one of the best ways to connect with your customers and remind them why they love your company.

Whether you have launched many successful direct mail campaigns, or you’re just getting started, it’s important to know the most advantageous times to start new campaigns.

54% of consumers say they want to receive mail from brands that interest them. So, statistically, your loyal customers are eagerly waiting for you. Here’s a detailed list of when you should consider sending them a new direct mail campaign, so your business doesn’t miss out on any valuable marketing opportunities:

1) If There Are Any Changes to Your Business

If there is something new going on with your business, let your customers know. Here are some examples of business changes that shouldn’t be overlooked:

–       New products: Loyal customers love your current products, so they’ll want to be alerted when you get new stock. They may not live in the area, so they aren’t driving by window displays every day. Don’t deprive these loyal customers of having a chance to fall head over heels for your new inventory, so start a direct mail campaign that keeps them up to date on your newest items.

–       Changes to your website or the creation of a new website: Mail is not as separate from digital marketing as some people perceive it to be—2.5 billion mailed coupons were redeemed in North America in 2017. Many of those coupon codes led customers to company websites.

–       Business relocation: if your company is moving, your customers need to know so they’re not unexpectedly met by an empty building when they drive to your business’s previous location. Direct mail is the most effective way to alert customers to big business changes.

2) If Your Business is Offering A Sale

Before you start a direct mail campaign, ask yourself: “Would I find this deal worth opening an envelope for?” If the answer is yes, don’t delay in getting that deal out to your customers. Another effective way to get your customers to tear open the envelopes of your direct mail campaign is to offer worthwhile coupon codes.

3) During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, people are expecting exciting things in the mail, so they are more likely to open your direct mail campaign. However, mailboxes are flooded during the holiday season. Make sure that your direct mail campaign stands out so that it doesn’t end up unopened amidst the neglected stacks of other mail.

All the Time is Not the Right Time

If your customers are bombarded with your company’s mail campaigns every week, they are more likely to consider your campaigns as junk mail.

Proper Timing is the Key to Your Next Successful Marketing Campaign

When it comes to direct mail campaigns, timing is as important as content, and visual appeal. By timing your next campaign properly, you can significantly increase its chance for success. Contact us today to learn more about how to time your campaign and our other direct mail marketing services.

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