We know that marketing has to be personalized for your audience. But does it work?

Variable printing is here, and it represents the future of direct marketing. Ideal for helping brands break through the clutter, variable data serves many vital purposes. In addition to allowing personalization (without interrupting production), variable printing makes it easy to boost your ROI through mailing list data.
Here’s what you need to know about this innovative mail marketing tactic.

What Is Variable Printing

Variable data printing, or VDP for short, is a kind of digital printing. It includes on-demand printing and allows brands to change text, images, and graphics from piece to printed piece.
While this in itself is unremarkable, variable printing stands out because it enables this without interrupting printing or requiring information from external files or databases. This ensures rapid production and cost savings for the companies that use variable printing.
An example of variable printing in the “real world” would be someone using the tactic to print event invites, each with the same layout, but unique names and addresses on each letter.

Using Variable Printing in Your Next Campaign

You know how important variable printing can be. Now it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Here are some actionable tips:

  • Build Your Database: Variable printing relies on data to be successful. With this in mind, the first step is to build a functional database. The information in this database should be stored in an easily retrievable format. It should also contain the information you know you need to market your product successfully.
  • Collect Job Files and Data: To ensure a successful variable printing job, you’ll want to send electronic copies of your data and the final print files to your printing company as early as possible. The sooner you send the files, the more time you have to finalize the project and meet your drop date.
  • Focus on Design: The fantastic thing about variable printing is that it makes high-quality design accessible for companies that can’t afford lengthy and extended printing processes. To ensure a design you’re happy with, have your data available as your printing team works on your piece. You should know basic information, like the average length of your recipients’ names, and a general structure for typefaces and font sizes.
  • Generate a Sample: To make sure your variable printing materials look the way you want them to, generate a printed sample of your variable form before you print the large batch. This will give you a chance to catch any inaccuracies or adjust data placement.


Variable Printing: Your Secret for More Successful Mail Marketing

Mail marketing is a successful and valuable form of direct marketing. By adding variable printing to your campaign efforts, you can increase your personalization without increasing costs or production time. Contact us today to learn more about variable mail and our other direct mail marketing services.

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