What is Direct Marketing?

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At Immedia, we are able to bring your content to life.

In the past few years, technology has allowed everyone to become a writer and publish content online. However, writing does not guarantee readership, so marketing your content becomes of crucial importance. In particular, integrating relevant content is a determining factor in relation to whether your customers will end up engaging with your brand or not. At Immedia, it is our job to create the right content so that your message is conveyed to a wide audience, targeting the customers that you want to influence.

We are proud that we have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of topics and distribution platforms, marketing your content to a wide range of audiences and allowing you to become your company’s sales team hero. Immedia’s direct marketing experts will therefore allow you to sell your products directly to the public, rather than having to find a suitable retailer or third-party vendor to do so for you.

Direct Marketing and Conveying Your Message to a Variety of Audiences

Create the conversation you want to become a part of.

Content marketing comes in many different types and styles. Throughout the customer journey, tech-decision makers rely on a variety of different types of formats. It is important to know that customers will expect you to answer their questions and provide high-quality content, rather than marketing buzz words that are widely generalisable. It is our job at Immedia to help you elevate the type of content that you provide, beginning with research about the type of audience that makes decisions in your target circle, to crafting thoughtful responses and ideas across a variety of media channels, including social media and beyond.

Direct Marketing Provider

Take a look at the following aspects of providing quality direct marketing services:

  • Content
    Tech decision-makers generally do not wait for content to come to them, they have to be on the lookout to solve a specific problem and learn about different solutions. Our job is to surround these decision-makers with a library of content – from infographics to blog content.
  • Social
    Social marketing offers a wide range of possibilities for engagement, but the challenge is to stand out among the competitors. We are aware that it is important to know where to post the right messages in order to get noticed.
  • Microsites
    With a microsite, you can effectively become the destination and control the conversation that is being had. Microsites are a one-stop shop which drives repeat engagement and has the potential to help you convey your message repeatedly.
  • Video
    From time to time, words are simply not enough to explain complex technologies — you need video. Research shows that 90% of decision-makers watch a tech-related video in a given 3 month period. Videos are able to bring an interactive element to your content.

If you are interested in direct marketing services or you would like to know more about the kind of work that we do, feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We are also happy to provide a free consultation, so give us a call at 1-800-422-7814 today!


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