Dear Customers, Vendors and our Community,


A value of mine when starting this business was to serve people, all people, with equality and fairness. This value has resulted in a business which is broadly diverse in both our internal staff and our client base.


I write this letter to inform our community and as one voice on behalf of all of us at immedia that we are not silent on the issues facing our communities of racial inequality. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tacoma’s own Manuel Ellis and many others in our country are not okay to let go. We at immedia, believe Black Lives Matter and understand that silence about the violence is complicit to the problem. We are sickened that this continues to happen in our community and our nation.


As we have discussed internally, being heartbroken and sickened are not enough for being a part of the change that is still very much needed. At immedia we promise to:


  • Listen: Listen to those who feel they have no voice, are treated unjustly and with racial inequality. Try to understand the perspective and experiences of others that are different from our own.
  • Stand: Stand beside all of those who need people to stand with them
  • Engage In Conversation: We promise to engage in meaningful conversations with our staff, customers and broader community to learn, educate and advocate for the injustices around us and acknowledge there IS a problem.


Everyone has a role to play in fixing issues of racial injustice, and we promise to do our part. We are committed to creating a community where everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, can be treated equally and justly.


We won’t ignore racism. Black Lives Matter. We believe it.



Debra Irwin and immedia Team


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