Grabbing the customer’s attention is an ever-present challenge for businesses all over the world. Do you use flashy graphics in your email campaigns? Videos? A lot of links? Well, the answer may actually be to start using direct mail.

Notice that there’s no “e” in front of it, just good old fashioned mail. Many companies think that the days of using print campaigns are long behind us, but that’s just not true. So we’re here to show you how your mail can effectively grab the customer’s attention.

Email vs. Direct Mail

It is being reported that in 2018 over 281 billion emails are sent every single day. That’s a lot of emails flowing into inboxes, and many of them don’t even make it that far. Reportedly 49.7 percent of emails get marked as spam and are never even seen by the intended recipient. This is hours of marketing time that the company has invested, and it’s ultimately for nothing.

Consumers are getting bombarded with emails on a daily basis and it’s very quickly becoming overwhelming. That’s why so many companies are embracing print marketing once again.

Think of how many pieces of mail you get on a daily basis. Maybe four or five? Compared to the number of daily emails you receive, it’s no wonder why people view mail as a special and important occurrence. By using mail you have already established a leg up on the competition because unlike online advertising people are at least forced to look at it for a few seconds before deciding to throw it away or not. Online ads and emails are regularly being ignored without the consumer even becoming aware of their existence.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Long

There seems to be this common myth that when it comes to print advertising you want to keep it short and sweet. But what many companies are finding out is that when it comes to using direct mail, a long-form copy will actually tend to get you better results. Don’t be afraid to really dive into the story of your business and the details of how you can provide for the needs of your clients.

By having the space to tell a story, you’re able to more effectively create a personal and direct connection. This is something that is more difficult to achieve with just a paragraph or two. Some marketing agencies are even recommending using up to four pages of material in your mailing campaigns.

Direct mail and marketing can give your business a unique edge in a world saturated with online ads. For more information on how to maximize your marketing campaigns, contact Immedia today for a free quote on any project.

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