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“We’re more than just a marketing agency – we offer additional services like custom interior packaging using our design capabilities, along with state of the art box making equipment available for each customer.”

Packaging Services in Tacoma WA

Packaging Services with Immedia

We are committed to lining and filling each individual container with the correct packaging so that every single item is fully safe and secure for shipping. In our extensive experience, we have realized that cushioning agents are extremely important and we ensure that the appropriate amount is included into all of our shipments so that they arrive in flawless condition. Over the years, we have worked with a wide variety of products and a range of demanding clients, so we are aware of the different needs and specifications for a wide range of shipments.

When determining what mode of transportation to use and the type of cushioning, we take into consideration a variety of factors: from the dimensions of the item being shipped to its weight, fragility as well as the final destination requirements, if any. We use a range of cushioning materials, from polyurethane and polyether to polystyrene foams. Our team at immedia is committed to using the latest technologies in eco-friendly cushioning products. We even use recycled cardboard materials, an innovation that we are proud of and that we believe demonstrates our commitment to doing our part to preserve the environment.

Reliable and Customized Packaging Services

We always have a consultative approach when determining your individual packaging requirements. In particular, our team of packaging experts will work with you to generate the best possible shipping solutions, according to your product’s specifications. This allows us to always guarantee safe transport and timely delivery of your products. Finally, we always pack and ship your products from our facilities, allowing us to provide the best possible services, completed all in one area. Our customers enjoy our hands-on approach and our commitment to making each and every customer 100% satisfied.

Custom Packaging Services.

If you are interested in receiving more details about our packaging services, take a look at the following options that our team at immedia is able to offer:

  • Anti-static packaging
  • Wrapping
  • Foolproof heat-shrink wrapping
  • Specialized cushioning customized to the items being shipped
  • Product-specific shipping options
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Boxing
  • Custom box design
    See also: Our Graphic Designers
  • Pick and Pack

At immedia, we have built a reputation in shipping anything fragile, awkward, oversized, heavy or time-sensitive for a wide range of customers whether it’s a small or Corporate Business and to a wide variety of destinations. immedia services several highly competitive marketplaces across the west coast. All of our customers rely on us to provide them with the best possible packaging services, and we are firmly established as the most reliable packaging company in the greater area.

If you are interested in finding out more about our packaging services or getting a quote for a packaging service that you will be needing in the near future, feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience. Whether you are interested in how we will go about packaging items that are fragile or have specific requirements, we will be happy to give you an outline of our standard procedure and explain the way that we will ensure your products get to the required place and at the right time. For more information or a free consultation, contact us today at +1-800-422-7814!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size of envelopes and boxes do you keep in stock?
    Number 10 regular window and closed face 24# white wove, 6×9, #9 and 9×12 envelopes. Almost every standard size envelope that doesn’t need printing is available within a day. Boxes are almost always a custom order.
  • Do you offer “green” packaging?
  • How do I get a quote for product and shipping?
    Email us at or you can also call us 800-422-7814.
  • How long have you been around?
    Since 1979.
  • How long does it take to package an item?
    Since we aren’t a drop in service doing one off type packaging I don’t know how to answer the question.