Creative marketing campaigns that convert.


Take your visions and make them a reality. Our graphic design team can make your words, images and campaigns come alive for your targeted direct mail campaigns.

Graphic Design Services

Our Graphic Design Services.

We take into consideration your audience, your message, your medium and your desired outcome. Plus, we know our printers and mailing standards to ensure that your job is done right the first time.

Uploading Your Own Design.

Eye-catching graphics play a major role in the success of your creative direct mail and marketing campaign. If you have already created your own card design, flyer design, newsletter or other – will be happy to do the rest. Simply upload your creation, design file or high res PDF. Our in-house designer will work directly with you to make sure it looks exactly as you expected. It’s that easy to send your direct mail graphic design creation nationwide. We will print and mail your cards on the day set for your campaign.

Don’t Have A Design.

Looking for an original design that will rise above the rest? Our in-house design team has proven experience in creating direct mail graphics that effectively grab attention and drive response back to you. Regardless of your budget, immedia can meet your needs from concept to execution and provide the exact creative direct mail and marketing design you need for your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide design support for print and mail projects?
    Yes. We can fulfill your campaign needs as well as provide all the design support you need. Sometimes this is easier due to the nature of understanding your campaign as well as the print rendering of our printers.
  • Can we give you design files?
    Yes. If you choose to design all the campaigns yourself we can receive high res and print ready design files. Please double check with our design team to make sure all your specs are compatible with our printers.
  • Are you a marketing agency?
    Yes and no. We specialize in helping businesses reach their prospects, customers, existing clients, and various other contact lists. We do that using both direct mail, print and digital marketing platforms. Our business is not a branding or full-scale design firm, however, we work the best leaders in these areas.
  • Do you offer digital marketing solutions as well?
    Yes. We offer an array of digital/online marketing solutions that can either be stand alone or paired with a direct mailing campaign. Ask us about any of our solutions by calling or sending a request.