Add a little intrigue to your mail piece with a scratch-off discount! They make a great addition to your postcard for any industry, and they improve response by getting people to actually engage with your campaign!


Plus, prospects are more likely to redeem scratch-off discounts because the offer naturally feels more exclusive than a regular postcard offer. (I won. I WON!)

Scratch-off postcards:


  • Bring more fun to your mailing
  • Boost response with a sense of exclusivity
  • Get more attention in the mailbox

What size are the scratch-off stickers?

Scratch-off stickers are round with a 1-inch diameter, and come in standard, mythical and eye-catching gold.

How many different prizes/messages can I put under the scratch-off?

As many as you want, really. You can have some say “$50 off!” while others say “FREE Soft Drink” and still others say “10% off.” Our marketing consultants can discuss costs and options with you based on the number of different versions you’d like to print. The options are endless! You can also just have one prize, though, if that’s your thing – and nobody will judge you.

Are these postcards different in quality from your normal postcards?

Nope! They are the same outstanding quality, but these have scratch-off stickers on them, as you may have guessed. Did we mention they’re gold?

We can help you by developing a postcard scratch off design and mailer that helps you increase response rates and engagements. Give immedia a call at +1-800-422-7814


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