Marketing professionals, business owners and agencies are unsure the reasons for direct mail marketing or it’s future. Let’s face it, you don’t think about direct mail when coming up with your creative marketing campaign. But the truth is that direct mail is a proven and valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.

No matter the occasion, you can never underestimate the opportunity of a direct mail postcard delivered right to your customers or ideal audience. We explore 3 reasons direct mail marketing could potentially help your business grow and why it works.


98% of people bring their mail in the day it’s delivered.
That means if you mail a postcard people will see your message the day it arrives! When was the last time you opened a junk email in your inbox they day you received it? How many junk emails do you even open?
That’s why a postcard is so incredible: You can communicate your message right away in an eye-catching format.


Two of every three people say that direct mail is more personal than the internet.
Our team can help you embed personalized greetings into the graphics and text of your direct mail piece. Personalized customizations impart value to your customers and increase their connection and affinity with your business. A sense of “They know me” among your customers will will bring repeat business.


Millward Brown discovered that the human brain perceives print information as more real than digital and so responds with more emotional connection. The study also found that people remember more of what they touch and feel than what they see on a computer screen.

You can’t scroll past a postcard without seeing any of the information. In the age of junk email, many people just scroll to the bottom of an email to find the unsubscribe button. When you see something eye-catching on a postcard you instinctively read the text. And according to that study, you’ll connect with it and remember it.


Interested in seeing if a direct mail postcard could ad to one of your campaigns? Our team of industry experts can provide front to back solutions for you. From design to fulfillment, we’re here to help.

So which is it going to be? At Immedia we bring your Print Campaigns and Digital Campaigns together because let’s face it, marketing is not about one form of media or delivery – it’s everything these days.

Entrust Immedia with the marking needs of your business with renowned strategy and execution standards.

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