Postcards are already used in a variety of ways in today’s digital age – regardless of the fact that electronic communication seems quite dominant. Creativity has a vital role to play as the more creative you are with your postcard printing, the more likely you’ll get a positive response.


After all, everyone still loves receiving a postcard by mail with an offer, a custom greeting or something else that might just brighten their day. To promote an event, whether it is a special event or a community festival, theater, grand opening or even for a nonprofit organization – it is ideal that you take advantage of the power of the postcard mailer. And by so doing you don’t just receive a positive response, but you’ll be able to also drive up attendance for your event. The question now is how?

How does one create a postcard that will elicit a response?


Let’s start by saying that the goal for any postcard mailer or anything that you do through direct marketing should be to elicit a specific response. This can range from the following:

  • Call our toll-free number (create a specific phone number)
  • Receive a unique offer by presenting or referencing the postcard
  • Download a lead magnet on the website
  • Leverage for a unique event or VIP opportunity

The goal is to make sure your postcard is response driven, and if you’ve not been doing that so far, then take note as it is rather crucial. Postcard mailers are and continue to be one of the most popular and successful ways to reach your audience directly.

Known to be one of the best ways to bring highly targeted audiences to your website and as such, it represents a high level of mixed marketing strategies as it combines the proven powers of print with the new-age convenience of the web.

With a high level of “open rate” and the curiosity factor that drives them to open up and flip through the cards, postcard mailer can be used effectively to drive as much traffic as needed for your event.


  1. A powerful headline that clearly states the event, its purpose and benefit.
  2. A clear illustration or picture – It is important to incorporate graphics using a picture to illustrate what the event entails is a welcomed idea.
  3. The headline and picture alone should be able to communicate instant recognition and understanding of what is being offered; this should be gotten across in one second.
  4. A wide range of response options should be provided. You should also be able to generate hits to your website effectively.

The fact is you want to grab their attention on the front of the card with a powerful headline that is benefit driven and a graphic that captures their attention and sell them on the back of the card. Also, attach a response vehicle at the end of it all.

At the end of the day what’s important is being able to drive sales to your door (tickets), get the phones ringing and a lot of attendees booking. There’s a saying that goes “Nothing happens until somebody sells something,” well, in this our cases, “until the ticket Sold-Out” And with a postcard mailer, you’re sure going to have a long list of attendees at your event.

Immedia offers you not only the ability to deliver event postcards and direct mail campaigns, printing campaigns, and digital campaigns, we can help you strategize to effectively maximize the ROI of your business.


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