Increase the speed and quality of responses by adding a personalized post-it note to your direct mail campaign.


We all want the same thing when it comes to our direct mail campaigns… open rates and responses! But this can be difficult to come by in the increasingly complex campaign environment. One thing that always works, personalization. Using post-it notes in a direct mail campaign represents an important, person-to-person message, that’s unique and customized to your campaign.


Adding a Post-It Note to a Direct Mail Campaign

In a study done by Harvard Business Review, a “sticky note” or “post-it”, has been shown to create a 40% increase in direct mail responses over standard campaigns. That’s a significant increase. The study also revealed that the overall quality of the responses and speed of the responses were increased as well. But how does it work?


How to Add Post-It Notes to Direct Mail Campaigns

You might be wondering what that looks like – a post-it note on a direct mail campaign? Where can you put these post-it notes and how do you personalize them? Here at immedia, we can attach a Post-it note with a personalized message, a thank you, phone number, coupon, or event reminder. Since these are post-it notes, they can be easily removed and placed wherever your contact desires for future reminder and response.


We can place your customized post-it note  on the outside of the envelope or to the inside letter (although we have found great success with the outside envelope as people see it first). Our printers are able to variable print personalized messages, names, phone numbers and more to the post it with writing that looks personalized as well!


Post-It Notes Will Help

  • Increase your response rate with a sense of exclusivity
  • Connect with your audience through personalized messages
  • Consumers keep your phone number and website info for future use
  • Customers redeem the coupon at your store
  • Serve as a reminder for future events


Best Ways To Use Post-It Notes

Getting ready to send out promotional mail in light of a big promotion? Before you do, measure key performance indicators (KPIs) like average online traffic, conversion rate, average order value, and items per transaction. Then measure your KPIs both during and at the end of your sale. KPI tracking is easy. However, KPIs are better for measuring your overall business growth — using them to measure the success of your mail marketing campaign may not give you the most accurate results.

This type of direct mail campaign add-on can be used by a number of varying industries, businesses and organizations when you want to send a highly personalized note to your customers:


  • Personalized Meeting Follow-ups
  • Special Auto Sale Events and Deals
  • Client Follow Up Note
  • Contact Detail and Information
  • Political Campaign Events
  • Auctions and Fundraiser Reminders

Using a post-it note is easy to add to your next or existing direct mail campaign. THe first step is simply reaching out to us and we can get you started on what works best for your goals and see those responses go up! Contact us today to get started.


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