We’ve all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another.

Whether you’re self-isolating, dealing with personal economic downturn or know someone combating the virus first-hand, these are challenging times for all of us. However, there are people in our communities who face even greater challenges amidst this outbreak.

Nourish Pierce County is a network of food banks based in Pierce County. They have proudly served their community for nearly 40 years by providing food to those who need it most.

66,000 Pierce County Residents were served by Nourish in the last year alone. The majority of their clients include children aged 18 and younger, seniors over the age of 55, and the working poor — all of who are among the most vulnerable during this state of emergency.

As more people enter financial hardship during this national health crisis, Nourish could see their customer traffic double. The Nourish team is determined to stay open and provide food for as many clients as they can. In order to keep their clients safe, Nourish has:

  • Changed its grocery-store model to a pre-packaged distribution model
  • Stopped accepting public food donations for the time being
  • Provided all staff and volunteers with masks and gloves
  • Asked that all clients pick up their food outside while staying six feet apart

What You Can Do to Help

Nourish is spreading itself thin doing all they can to help their neighbors. But they can only do it alone for long! They need our help to stay open and continue serving those who are being hit the hardest during this crisis. Here’s what you can do to help:


Monetary Donations — This operational model incurs additional costs in food purchases, as well as boxing, cleaning products, and personal protective items. While these costs are necessary for meeting current demand, Nourish also needs to make it through this crisis in order to continue helping people past the COVID-19 outbreak.

Those willing to help can donate at https://nourishpc.org/donate/


Sanitizing Wipes — As the Nourish team says, “If you got them, we need them!” If you live in the Pierce County area, feel free to drop by and give what you can. Nourish also accepts mailed donations. You can find their address on their website


Frontline Volunteers — Nourish currently relies on 1000 volunteers to help feed 66,000 people. Unfortunately, though understandably, the majority of their volunteer base are older adults and must stay at home. They are in need of healthy team players who will adhere to the necessary health and safety practices that are currently in place.


Our founder, Debra Irwin, has served as Nourishes Board President since 2012. We understand that these are hard times for everyone — but the only way we’ll be able to get through it is together. If you have any questions about getting involved please send us a message below.

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