MRC has helped in many public settings, such as Project Homeless Connect, and now, they are on the front line of Covid 19.


MRC started because of 9-11. New York officials were overwhelmed with offers of medical assistance coming from volunteers across the country. The volunteers may have been fine professionals, but local officials could not use them since they were not vetted in any system that could identify a license. Shortly after, Pres. Bush started the Medical Reserve  Corps, so that vetted professionals could help in any disaster, as soon as a call went out. Our Pierce County MRC started in 2007. We gave just shy of 10,000 vaccines in the H1N1 epidemic of 2009. We have helped in many public settings, such as Project Homeless Connect. And now, we are on the front line of Covid 19.


What Businesses Can Do

Businesses can help by promoting disaster preparedness. Do you have safety measures in place in case of an earthquake? Does your staff know what to do when the big one comes? 


Do employees have a safety plan for their families, if they can’t be reached by phone? Encourage employees to get ready, now,  by sharing:


MRC’s Mission and Values

The mission of the Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps is to utilize dedicated volunteers to improve the public health, safety, preparedness, and emergency response capabilities in Pierce County. The Pierce County MRC will work to be a valuable emergency response asset and dependable community partner.


  • Recruit and train a reliable dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer force for disaster response.
  • Provide incentives to volunteer to maintain membership. (ex. CEU and Training opportunities)
  • Build and foster community partnerships.
  • Respond to disasters.
  • Respond to community requests for assistance.
  • Here are our Pierce County maps of districts.

MRC has been a great friend and partner with immedia. We understand that these are hard times for everyone — but the only way we’ll be able to get through it is together. If you have any questions about getting involved please send us a message below!


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