Mailed marketing is a powerful force for driving traffic to any business. Mail is a simple, effective way to keep your current customer base in the know of all of your brand’s updates. They are also a great way to introduce potential customers to your company.

Mailing lists are an excellent way to expose customers to your brand. Platforms like Facebook or Twitter are overcrowded with ads and calls-to-action, which makes it hard for single businesses to stand out. Delivering updates and sales information straight to your customer’s door is a much more personal approach to marketing than social media. However, mailing lists need to be properly maintained in order to be effective.

Every year, your mailing list database degrades. This happens for a number of reasons. Some subscribers change their addresses and fail to update their subscription information. Others simply elect to opt-out after a period of time. It’s vital to continue adding new contacts to your mailing list to combat these losses and keep them there with enticing content. These tips will help your contact list grows, whether you’re looking to improve your current list or make a new one altogether.

Engage Your Customers Online

Allow your clients to sample the kind of content they would receive if they subscribed to your mailing list. Create a blog page where you can give quality, in-depth perspectives about your niche market, and answer the questions that your customer base may have. The people visiting your website are there because they are interested in what you have to offer, so you need to show them that they made the right choice in choosing to look to you for answers. Most importantly, remember to include a personalized call-to-action (CTA) that connects interested customers to your signup page. If they feel that your content has related to their needs, they’ll want to sign up for more.

Make Sure Your Mailed Content is Good

This may seem obvious, but making compelling and useful content is a step that many marketers fail to take. If you want your hard-earned subscribers to stay subscribed, you need to keep them invested. Your brochures or postcards should be entertaining and captivating, from the title to the concluding sentence. Give exciting updates about what your business is working on or outstanding discounts/coupons to reward their loyalty.

Use Targeted Mailing

Targeted mailing is a process in which companies utilize various demographic research tools to identify where their best potential customers are located. A targeted mailing list will help you establish genuine relationships with customers, improve customer loyalty, and help your business achieve a higher return-on-investment in comparison to other outreach methods. Good marketing firms use an extensive list of criteria — age, gender, geographical location, income, and hobbies, among other criteria — to compile the best mailing list possible for your company.

Are you interested in improving your mailing list or even building one from scratch? Immedia uses a variety of different research applications to help your business receive amazing conversions and positive customer interactions. Contact our team today to get started.

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