Good packaging is essential to any business that ships its products directly to customers.


The safety and security of their items are essential — but what about the label on the box? Is customized packaging something you should consider for your business? 


We say yes!

Custom packaging is the key to ensuring that your brand stands apart from your competitors. When you invest in branded packaging, you establish value and brand loyalty. Whether you operate completely online or own a brick and mortar business, here are just a few reasons why you should consider customized packaging.


You Can Save Cash

By teaming up with a customized packaging service, you’re guaranteed the best shipping solution for each product you mail. Your packaging team will save you money by providing boxes and envelopes of the perfect size so that you don’t have to waste money on max-priced shipping fees and extra packaging material.


You’ll Encourage Brand Awareness

Customizing your package with your brand logo is an extremely effective way to enforce your brand identity and make more impressions with potential customers. With your logo on a box, bag, or envelope, you’re gaining exposure while your customers carry your products through their shopping mall, and when postal workers are carrying them on their delivery route. When your customers finally receive your product at home, there is a 40% chance they’ll share an image of the packaging on their social media if it’s branded.


You’ll Create a More Personal Experience

Branded customized packaging is a message to customers that you care about the quality of your product, and that you are invested in bringing it to them safely. Branded packaging feels more like a gift, from you to them. Oversized brown boxes just don’t send the same message.


You’ll Increase Perceived Value

When you show care for your product, your customer base will too. Did you know that 61% of customers are more likely to repeat a purchase if it comes in premium packaging? By investing a little into good packaging, you’ll make your customers feel like they are receiving something of true quality. Doing this isn’t as expensive as it sounds — you can make any package feel high-end by making a few simple modifications.


You’ll Be Eco Friendly

Many custom packaging services offer green options made of reusable or recyclable materials. When you invest in green packaging, you’re doing your part in minimizing waste and protecting the earth. This is a plus within itself, but you can also use your green choice to market your business as an eco-friendly one. Though sustainable packaging costs slightly more than conventional packaging, you’ll be sure to receive a substantial ROI — in a recent research report, 74% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for green packaging.


There’s much to be gained from investing in customized packaging for your business. Are you interested in raking in the benefits? We have you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our customized packaging services.


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