With the right list demographics, offers and great graphic design, your direct mail campaign has the potential to provide you with incredible traffic both in-store and online — but you won’t know whether you’re earning a substantial ROI unless you measure your success!


In this blog, we’ll take a look at several different ways you can check the progress of your direct mail campaign, and when you should use each.


Coupon Codes

When you’re looking to track online traffic and sales during special offers, coupon codes are tried and true. Coupon codes (ex. “SpringSale20”) work well in two ways. They drive sales by making customers feel like they’re getting an exclusive discount on regular priced items; you can also use tracking software to count the number of times your code was used overall.


QR Codes

QR codes are images comprised of black dots and squares. They work similarly to barcodes  — scanning a QR code with your smartphone camera instantly links you to the website or data that the code is coupled with. You can use QR codes to send customers to your website or send them to exclusive online sales offers. If your business caters to younger audiences comprised of Millennial and Gen Z consumers, QR codes are an effective measuring tactic.



Like QR codes, you can include URLs on your mail to send customers to specific pages of your website. Unlike QR codes, your customers will have to type in your URL manually to access your content, so keeping it short is important. URLs work best for promoting new products and initiatives. A lengthy and complicated URL can demotivate your recipients from following through on your CTA. You can send a generic URL, which all of your customers will receive, and track how your linked page is performing. Alternatively, you can send all of your recipients unique URLs to analyze visitors on a case-by-case basis.


Pre and Post-Sale KPI Tracking

Getting ready to send out promotional mail in light of a big promotion? Before you do, measure key performance indicators (KPIs) like average online traffic, conversion rate, average order value, and items per transaction. Then measure your KPIs both during and at the end of your sale. KPI tracking is easy. However, KPIs are better for measuring your overall business growth — using them to measure the success of your mail marketing campaign may not give you the most accurate results.


Trackable Phone Numbers

Call tracking is a simple way to measure the success of your direct mail campaign. To accomplish this tactic, you’ll have to use a unique phone number on each postcard or brochure you send. To do this, you’ll need the help of a direct marketing company with experience in using call tracking software. Each call will forward to your actual business number while the tracking software collects information on who is calling you in response to your mail campaign.


Are you interested in implementing these tracking methods to properly measure the success of your direct marketing campaign? Leave the work to immedia. We can produce and send incredibly designed promotional mail for your business and help you track your campaign progress. Contact our team today to request a quote.


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