If there’s one thing Americans in the 21st century don’t need, it’s more junk mail falling through their letter box.

Consumers in the United States are already exposed to so much advertising that they’ve become numb to it. Our brains automatically tune it out. How many ads do you remember coming across yesterday? Chances are it’s not more than 1% of what you were exposed to.

People don’t want more advertising. Please consider this when you’re planning a strategy to add people to your direct mail list.

How to overcome ad fatigue.

Does this trend mean that direct mail marketing is dead? Far from it… Intelligent marketers are well aware of this trend and many are still seeing fantastic success from direct mail. It’s just they’ve have adjusted their advertising strategy accordingly.

Marketing should now primarily be about giving value. People don’t care about your brand. They care about themselves. The only way to get substantial amounts of leads on your direct mailing list is to give them something that’s really going to help them.

In the past, the promise of ‘the latest offers delivered to your door’ might have been enough to build a huge mailing list. Times have changed.

These days, the opportunity of ‘exclusive offers’ might not be enough to guarantee a healthy list. To beat ad fatigue, marketers need to be a lot more specific with their incentives. An X% discount on *THESE PRODUCTS* is your best shot to build your leads.

The rise of content marketing.

Even the prospect of free stuff isn’t guaranteed to get customers’ juices flowing these days, unless it was something they already had their heart set on buying.

In order to have people set up to their direct marketing lists, it has become more imperative to soften them up with content that barely sells at all.

This process is called content marketing and typically involves brands creating content that solves their customers more pressing problems. It’s 99% focused on helping the customer, and may include a call-to-action to sign up for a mailing list (or buy a product) right at the end.

By engaging in content marketing efforts, brands can demonstrate their superiority without being overly salesy. Consumers want to feel they’re in charge of their own decisions, rather than being sold to, and content marketing is the best way to make them feel like that.

Two examples of nurturing your direct mail list

Company A and Company B both sell protein powder. Both companies are planning the same incentive for direct mail subscribers next month.

  • Company A offers visitors to their store and website the opportunity to receive exclusive offers in the mail.
  • Company B offers visitors a free bodybuilding magazine, which offers customers a 5% discount voucher delivered in the mail.

One company has embraced the power of content marketing and the other is stuck in the last century. You can decide which strategy will work best for your company. Trust the marketing experts at Immedia to help you create the ideal strategy for the success of your business.

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