Direct mail is still one of the most powerful and useful options you have in marketing, especially for trying to reach local audiences about a new business, product, or service. However, like any form of marketing, you only reach that potential if you do it properly, as efficiently as possible.


Here’s a close look at how using an “all-in-one” service to create and distribute your mailers can help in both regards.


Why You Need New Mailers.


As a start, when it comes to working on mailers, there’s such a thing as diminishing returns. No matter how effective your marketing copy is or what you are trying to promote, the more your audience is bombarded with a certain piece of marketing, the less likely they are to respond to it. In fact, you may run the risk of going too far in the other direction, where a potential customer develops an aversion to your brand and ends up classifying your mailers as “junk mail.”

An equally important reason you want to develop new direct mailers is to utilize some of the lessons you learned from that first campaign. For example, if you put out a coupon code and found that it helped you get more conversions/interest, you may want to put out a new mailer that integrates more of these codes or other types of added value. However, for example, if your copy confused potential customers about your brand, you may want to make a version that’s more streamlined, focusing on the points that will draw customers to your business.


Getting All Your Services In One Place.


So, with these points made, it’s clear that a successful direct mail campaign includes a series of different mailers, similar to how a magazine would come up with different articles well in advance for their editorial calendar. However, putting together these mailers and sending them to your target audience requires:

  • Coming up with a concept
  • Having graphic designers make the design into reality
  • Printing the mailers
  • Distributing the mailers

Technically, you could go to a variety of different third parties to have this done, but the best option is finding a partner that combines these. There are several reasons why. The first is a lack of complexity. For small businesses with limited staff, going through several different companies to see a direct mail campaign through equals a major expenditure of time. One that you may not have.

In addition, finding an “all-in-one” solution for your new mailers makes the quality control timeline a lot easier. Say that you work with separate parties, only to find out there’s a graphic design error at the last minute. This may cost you penalties or additional fees with your mailing or printing services. By using a company that tackles all of these issues, you avoid that potential problem.


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