Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your main products?
    • We are a full direct marketing company that specializes in print, direct mail, packaging, and design services for any size business.
  2. What types of printing do you offer?
    • We offer various digital printing, offset printing, bindery and direct mail printing. All our printers are the latest technology as well as maintained regularly to ensure the highest quality.
  3. Can you provide design support for print and mail projects?
    • Yes. We can fulfill your campaign needs as well as provide all the design support you need. Sometimes this is easier due to the nature of understanding your campaign as well as the print rendering of our printers.
  4. Can we give you design files?
    • Yes. If you choose to design all the campaigns yourself we can receive high res and print ready design files. Please double check with our design team to make sure all your specs are compatible with our printers.
  5. Do you offer large scale direct mailing?
    • Yes. We can handle any size quantity for any project. Our warehouse contains the ability to store your custom stationery as well as print and mail large scale campaigns of unlimited quantity.
  6. How do you work with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others?
    • We partner with and work directly with the major mailing distributors offering you real-time accuracy on pricing, mail costs, regulations and guidelines. When you work with our direct mail and distribution teams you don’t need to worry about any of the mailing and delivery logistics.
  7. Are you a marketing agency?
    • Yes and no. We specialize in helping businesses reach their prospects, customers, existing clients, and various other contact lists. We do that using both direct mail, print and digital marketing platforms. Our business is not a branding or full-scale design firm, however, we work the best leaders in these areas.
  8. What are your direct mail times?
    • We work within your timeframe and times vary from project to project. Best way to get an accurate time estimate is to call us, give us your desired delivery date to customer, and we can quote you on the best method.
  9. Can I receive print proofs before they are final?
    • Yes. We provide all proofs prior to any printing and they need to be finalized by you in order for us to continue to the final stage.
  10. Do you offer digital marketing solutions as well?
    • Yes. We offer an array of digital/online marketing solutions that can either be stand alone or paired with a direct mailing campaign. Ask us about any of our solutions by calling or sending a request.