Sending out direct mail postcards can be a great way to grow your business and nurture meaningful relationships with your customers.

But finding names and addresses for all these postcards can be challenging for some marketers and business owners. Unless you’re sending out physical packages like an ecommerce store, you might not know how to go about retrieving this information from your customers.  Take a look at some of the best ways to expand your direct mail postcard distribution list.

Adding an Input Field on Your Website

One of the most efficient ways to retrieve valuable contact information from your customers and viewers is to add an input field to your website with clearly-marked fields for the person’s name and home or business address. Some customers might not want you to send them a postcard in the mail after filling out this information, so you might want to let them know how you plan on using their contact information. Be sure to mention that you won’t share their info with third-parties and that your company is equipped to protect personal information. Consumers say that hackers getting ahold of their home address is one of their biggest concerns when it comes to online privacy.

Hosing a Giveaway on Social Media

You can also entice your customers and followers on social media to hand over their home address by hosting a competition or a free giveaway. If they enter their contact information online, they’ll be entered to win a free prize like a gift card or a discount on one of your products and services. Giving a person something in exchange for their personal information can help seal the deal.

Use Strong Call to Actions Across All Marketing Channels

If you have an input field on your website or you’re trying to advertise your direct mail postcard campaign, be sure to include strong calls to action that clearly communicate what you want the customer to do. You can say things like “Sign up for our direct mail campaign for exciting promotions and discounts.” It’s important to tell the customer what they can get out of your direct mail campaign instead of simply asking for their home address. Make sure the call-to-action is compelling to the viewer. Use these tips to create the right marketing message for your CTAs.

Develop New Business Partnerships with Direct Mail Shippers

You can also develop a partnership with another business in your industry. You can ask a direct mail shipper to include one of your postcards in exchange for promoting some of their products and services on your website or other marketing channels. This is a quick and easy way to get access to new mailing addresses. Make sure their customers would find value in your direct mail postcards, instead of reaching out to consumers that aren’t interested in what you’re trying to sell.


You can expand your direct mailing list in no time with these marketing tactics. If you’re ready to start your own direct mail campaign, contact the professionals at Immedia today!

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