Does it help to bring your print and digital marketing together? In the ever increasing world of attention, businesses are looking at ever means possible to stand out and be remembered to those that matter most to them. Customers have opportunities to find you, but where should you be focusing your marketing efforts?

Professional mail fulfillment marketing businesses today have the ability to incorporate new interactive technologies, print techniques and mobile technologies into mail that will help drive results. “If people engage with the mail they respond to the mail,” according to Victoria Stephen, Director of Mailing Services for the USPS. By incorporating digital strategies like landing pages, email automation campaigns, retargeted ads, video, QR codes and even virtual reality/360 experiences – marketers can save money on direct mail campaigns by maximizing the scope of their goals. When at one time the only ROI you could receive through a direct mail campaign was a response, now you can even leverage interest, views, research and move people into future follow up potential. Victoria Stephen said “because mail can do things that other channels of communication can’t, it’s important for marketers to understand how print fits into their multi-channel marketing strategies.”


“Millennials don’t engage direct mail, only digital.” False. None of the direct mail marketing data suggests this, just our assumptions because of the presence and amount of time millennials as well as others spend online. However, everyone is on digital more than anything else these days including non-millennials. The key is visually engaging, relevant content and a specific value added call to action. Stephen noted that of the people who responded to a poll asking if they like to see what they have received in the mail, 52% of the respondents who answered yes were millennials. Even though millennials receive less mail than their predecessors, they tend to spend more time with it – so don’t write them off.



There are more smartphones than there are literal adults. Direct mail needs incorporate a level of intrigue and interest that makes the reader take action to view more online whether through a landing page or to your app if you have one. The problem with most direct mail campaigns is they aren’t viewed as part of the entire campaign, rather they are often looked at as THE campaign.

Reach recipients where they spend their time – and that is on their phones. One way to do this is to have a download sales code or offer specifically available via the URL in your mailing postcard. Or create a unique and create direct mail piece that represents something online to where your audience can immediately view on their phone. A direct mail campaign should always have a call to action directly pointing to a short, simple and memorable URL, hashtag, or in some cases QR codes. But use these carefully and really think about how you can make it quick, simple, and engaging.



Have you ever abandoned something in a shopping cart and then been bombarded by pop up ads? Sometimes these can be welcomed reminders, other times these can be downright annoying – honestly you aren’t going to do this right 100% of the time because, well, people are people and even though you might know your audience incredibly well, you might have someone with a different opinion on your tactics. A quick guide to understanding all you can do through digital follow ups is to make sure you are as knowledgeable as you can be on your audience, where they spend their time, what they value most and who else is marketing to them.

Direct mail response rates are up 40%. Why not follow up with a printed direct mail piece rather than all those pop ups as a way to increase your chances of re-engaging the prospect and making a sale? Retargeted ad campaigns are just as relevant through direct mail as they are through Facebook and Google.

In today’s marketing world – options are almost endless. With everything you have available to you it’s important to focus on the right things at the right times and in a way that makes sense and provides value to your audience. People are not going to respond to ads or mailers or campaigns because you’ve simply sent them out… they need to feel connected to in a way that’s unique. Direct mail and digital combined can do this if done well.

Take a look at your print, direct mail and even digital marketing services. If you’re unsure what might work for you – simple contact us here.

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