As a business owner, you might think that direct mail campaigns have gone the way of the dinosaur and that email and social media messages are here to stay, but that’s not actually the case. In fact, digital forms of communication can actually make direct mailing campaigns more effective, because it means sending a physical item to a consumer instead of just another spammy email. We’re here to correct some common misconceptions about direct mailing campaigns, including those that say direct mail is a waste of your marketing budget. Learn the truth about direct mail campaigns and why they are still effective when it comes to attracting new customers.

Online Services Are Cheaper and More Effective

If you want to attract new consumers to your products and services, you might think sending a promotional email or starting a newsletter might be a better use of your time and money, but the market is already flooded with email marketing campaigns, with over 105 billion emails sent every day. That’s why using a direct mailing campaign can be so effective, because it can cut through all the digital clutter in people’s lives. You could spend less money on an email campaign, but you might just end up in a person’s spam folder, leaving your marketing message to fall on deaf ears.

Direct Mailing Campaigns Are Extinct

Despite what you might like to believe, direct mail campaigns are very much alive. Marketers are using every channel they can in order to try to win over new consumers, and that includes direct mailing campaigns. According to a USPS study, over 60% of direct mail recipients have been influenced to visit a promoted website – with the greatest influence on first-time shoppers.

Direct mail represents a special place in today’s ad-fueled culture. It shows the customer that you took the time to design, create, and distribute an original item, instead of simply copying and pasting the same email over and over again. Your customers will also start to think of your company differently than they do of your competitors because they’re all using email marketing instead of direct mail.

Customers Don’t Like Receiving Physical Mail

With so many people using email, it may seem like your customers are turning away from physical mail all together, except when they’re expecting a package. But consumers still have a soft spot for physical mail. In fact, 50% of consumers prefer direct mail to email. It gives them a chance to interact with a tangible item instead of clicking through a series of text and images. Giving someone a personalized item in the mail, whether it’s a flyer, brochure, or a unique package, can put a smile on their face and help them develop a more fulfilling relationship with your company.

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