Are you looking to update the look of your business with a new logo? You may have a clear vision of the font and imagery you want to use. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your brand colors play a crucial role in conveying a clear message to your audience.

A lot of today’s most celebrated companies use bright logos with unique colors to draw in new customers and keep their current ones interested. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of not-so-great logos out there — in fact, the wrong color combination could send customers seeking out your competitors. 
Don’t be a member of the “bad logo club.” You can achieve a great logo design in fewer steps than you may think! Here are a few great tips for choosing the perfect logo colors for your company.

Dissect Your Brand

Before you even begin thinking about color options, it’s crucial to consider your logo design. It’s essential to have the right insight on your brand. Your logo should be more than visually appealing — it has to provide a hint about what your business is all about. Take some time to brainstorm about what your brand means to you and your customers. What words and images do you associate with your brand? Does your logo reflect the nature of your business? Compiling this information will save you time and stress when discussing ideas with a graphic designer.


Start in Black and White

Make sure that you love the initial design of your logo before you add colors. Remember, colors alone do not make a logo. The logo idea your graphic designer provides you should excite you on its own. After all, a great logo will always be more memorable than its color. Who knows? If you hope to convey a contemporary, sleek look, you may end up sticking to black and white!

Use Colors Strategically

Once you’ve settled on a great design concept, it’s now time to add some color. Be wary of throwing in whatever colors your heart desires. Your favorite color may not be the smartest choice for your brand. When identifying the right colors for your logo, consider the following:
  • What colors are your competitors using their logos?
  • What colors would make your brand stand out above the rest?
  • Are the colors you’re using in your logo complementary, or do they clash? 
  • Do the colors you’re using have meanings that are related to your business?
Your brand should be easily identifiable and distinguishable from your competition. Coke’s red cans are iconic and memorable, which is likely the reason Pepsi’s brand color is blue. 
Color theory is a great way to decide on colors to convey powerful messages. Some companies choose red for its ties to energy and passion. Designers use green in a variety of industries, including eco-friendly products, energy drinks, etc. Some companies use several colors to convey versatility and creativity. 
If your business has undergone numerous updates, you might be able to use nostalgia in your favor. For example, Apple’s famous logo has gone through several evolutions over the past four decades. Today, the famous bitten apple logo is often black or grey, to convey a look of new-age sleekness. However, rumors have sparked that the renowned tech company is going back to its roots and rebranding once more with its old rainbow design.

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