Associated Ministries is a long standing community organization in Tacoma Washington. They work with interfaith partners who are deeply engaged in transforming our communities and work alongside others toward lasting solutions to homelessness.


As a crossroad for communication and cooperation, they engage and equip faith communities and persons of good will to address the many needs in Pierce County through advocacy, education, and service.


Advocacy and Front Lines

Associated Ministries is not only doing advocacy for interfaith communities, they are also on the front lines of serving households experiencing homelessness through key support services such as:



These are just a few of the avenues Associated Ministries engage the direct needs of households in homelessness, and building long lasting solutions to a more stable home environment.


Nonprofit Development

As a nonprofit serving the vulnerable, Associated Ministries relies on donations to do their essential work in the community. Every dollar received and every dollar spent is an investment in our ability to meet the needs of homelessness throughout Pierce County.


“Immedia is a large part of our work in the community. They provide high quality printing and mailing services and they do it with top notch customer service. We never have to think twice about any project we give them: it will be done right, look great, and be a good value. They provide us with exceptional service that makes it easier for us to focus on our mission, and to effectively tell our story to our supporters throughout this community.”


Our Partnership

For us at immedia, it is a huge privilege to be a part of the impact Associated Ministries is having day to day in our community. Our commitment is to seeing their impact grow and more communities affected by homelessness served.


If you would like to learn more about their work or get involved, they would love to hear from you! Learn about Associated Ministries services and get involved involved below:



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