Winter holidays are one of the best times for giving.

People are getting into the holiday spirit while spending quality time with friends and family. As a non-profit, this is your season to engage people with the stories of how you’ve made a difference, the impact that giving has had on that difference and what more you are looking to do in the following year.

About 31% of all annual giving occurs in December and the best way to take advantage of this opportunity is to run what is a “Year-End Campaign” to attract more potential givers and engage people in your non-profit organization.

Planning Is Key To Successful Campaigns.

Our desire is to help your nonprofit build an effective digital, print, and mail year-end campaign that will convert your audience into donors and ambassadors for your brand:

  1. Create a Marketing Plan

The first thing you should do before you start building your year-end campaign is to create a complete plan. During this stage, you should set your objectives and determine what you want to get out of the campaign. It’s important to start planning early so you can make sure you have the time for planning and effective building to create the best possible campaign, rather than rushing to finish it. Even if it’s months away, now is the best time to start building your campaign. Make sure you figure out your budget so you can determine how much you’re able to spend on certain channels and mediums.

  1. Get to Know Your Audience  

Once you’ve determined your objective, you should take the time to understand your audience. Get to know what their wants, needs, interests, and priorities are, and take the time to research topics that are trending. It’s important to know what people care about, so you can use that information to design your campaign accordingly. Use your target audience as a reference point when designing your campaign. 

  1. Determine Your Marketing Channels

Now that you know your target audience, you should also determine (or already know) the most effective ways to reach them. It would be a good idea to build a digital, print, and mail campaign that reaches people through different mediums. For your digital campaign, you can post on social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and create video advertisements for YouTube. For digital channels, you can add hashtags and popular keywords to boost exposure. Create direct mail and print ads with a call to action (CTA) that gives consumers the opportunity to take action. The mediums you use also depends on your budget.

  1. Make It Visually and Emotionally Appealing

When designing an end-of-year campaign you want to make sure it’s as visually and emotionally appealing as possible. Enlarge important text that captures people’s attention and makes them excited about your campaign. Add high-quality photos and aesthetically appealing visuals that make viewers want to learn more. It should be simple and easy to read and understand your message, rather than being scattered or overwhelming. And when sending out a message, you should create an emotional appeal that encourages people to take action and do something about what you’re saying. You can use storytelling in your campaigns that appeal to people’s emotions and makes them want to give.

  1. Create an Event

Creating an event is a fantastic way to get people together and connect with your brand. While it takes time to build a digital marketing campaign that gets a lot of exposure, it’s more challenging to get consumers to build a personal connection with your brand. If you want to turn them into loyal customers and ambassadors who spread positive word-of-mouth (WOM) for your organization, it’s a good idea to get them to a fundraising event to complement your advertising campaigns, where your audience is able to connect with others and have a good experience.

More Campaign Ideas

Word-of-mouth marketing is impactful as 50% of Americans would choose it if they had to pick one source of information. Consider handing out promotional giveaways that increase engagement for your brand, and reach out to attendees after the event. You can even take pictures of the event and post them on social media to increase exposure for your organization.

If you’re looking to build a year-end campaign for your organization, contact Immedia, and we will help you build effective print, digital, and direct mail campaigns that will increase exposure, engagement, and traffic for your organization. We’ve helped non-profits over the years increase their donor engagement and giving goals using year end campaigns – and we would enjoy helping you!

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