More than 35 years Direct Marketing & Direct Mail experience.

“We are all about caring for our customers, their businesses and their goals. That’s why we started doing direct mail marketing more than 40 years ago and that’s why we are still serving people today.”

About us and why we’ve worked in Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, Fulfillment and Print Marketing services for more than 40 years.

More than 40 years ago, we began because we believed in helping businesses organizations find ways to communicate directly with their clients and to generate leads that would bring new ones. The same holds true today with one exception, the technology has rapidly progressed and improved. We are still about the same principles, and we are committed to helping you deliver your brand directly to your most likely customers and audience.

Our clients today face marketing challenges they haven’t experienced before. From online marketing needs to good old direct mail campaigns that drive new customers their doorsteps. We help to navigate the maze that confronts them and make sure to provide them with the necessary tools to effectively retain their current relationships and capture new ones.

Marketing continues to evolve and we realize that small to medium size businesses rarely have the capacity to keep up with the changes. We exist to be your marketing provider in this ever evolving landscape.

With immedia, you know that your campaign, no matter the size or industry, will be taken care of from start to finish. We have over 3500 square feet of marketing machinery that can make use of any idea and deliver it straight to mailboxes anywhere. We also work directly with the top delivery companies like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and more.

Give us a call if you have questions or are looking for a provider you can trust!

Meet The Team

Debra Irwin


Sean Cabigting

Director Data Services & Digital Printing

Donn Irwin

VP Sales & Marketing

Stephanie Logn

Lead Data Services Operator