With the turn of the new year, now is the perfect time to send welcome packages to your customers or clients.

While there are companies out there geared toward producing the best direct mail campaigns targeted toward new clients, there are a few things to have in order first before a successful campaign can be run.

1.) Define Your Audience

Unless your pockets are made of the bottomless material that only exists in our fantasies, you won’t want to spend money on a general, blanketed area without first doing some research into who might actually want the product. Ideally, you will have a list of new or potential clients that are interested or you can partner with someone with the ability to gain access to that information. Perhaps everyone could utilize your product or service, so possibly a “newly moved” list would work for you?!

2.) Have A Great Product

This one goes without saying, but specifically what is needed is a captivating mailer product. This can be an exclusive offer, a unique positioning of the product for new clientele, or a really compelling deal. Work with a team to nail down the best way to position the product.

3.) Personalize The Content

Printing customized content to be shipped is no longer outrageously expensive like it once was. If this is something that works with your business model, personalization is a proven way to engage an audience and make them feel relevant. Today, many printing companies offer dynamic content assembly using personalized templates you provide to them.

4.) Start Small

If this is a first-ever mail campaign, start small in scope so that it is easier to measure the results. You won’t truly know if the people you are reaching will be into what you are sending until you test it out. Once you have run similar small campaigns on several different occasions, you will have a better idea of the winning combination for your offer, packaging, and audience to work in tandem based on the feedback you get.

5.) Come Up With A CTA

A CTA, or call to action, is a great way to engage your audience with the product. The CTA does not necessarily have to be a discount for them to redeem — it can be a contest to win a prize, incentive to fill out a survey, among other things. Get creative!

Some of the things that businesses generally ignore after producing a great mail campaign are:

1. The follow-up and 2. The importance of online traffic. By neglecting to follow up one great mail campaign with another shortly after, all of the relationship built with the first project fizzles out. Additionally, if mail campaigns have yielded more information about the audience you are serving, take the opportunity to direct traffic online as well. It can be more cost effective, especially when you have already laid the groundwork via the mail.

If you are looking for more ways to engage new clientele via direct mail campaigns, you can reach out to Immedia for expertise in all of these areas and talk to a team you can rely on.

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