If you’re looking to garner more attention and interaction with your audience, direct mail is the way to go. However, there are a lot of factors involved in mail marketing, and one slip up could attract the wrong kind of attention. Without compelling offers and a clearly thought-out design, your flyer is going straight into the trash without a second thought. 


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to avoid such a scenario. Marketers often make the following mistakes when creating and sending out direct mail to their customers. Steer clear of them, and you’ll be guaranteed to make that mail count! 

Forgetting to Set a Goal

Intent matters. It’s not enough to create flashy brochures and send them off, hoping for the best. Like all other marketing tactics, your direct mail should help you achieve a business goal. Think about what improvements you want to make to your business. 


Do you want to boost your in-store traffic? Are you interested in sending more customers online to your website? Maybe you’re just hoping for more brand visibility. Whatever the case, choose your goals and use mail marketing to achieve them. Stick to one goal per mail campaign, and devise a plan with your marketing team to track your progress.

Too Much to Read

Stop putting so much copy in your mail! When a customer opens their mailbox and sees promotional mail, you’re lucky if they scan through your content for more than three seconds. The last thing they want to see is a novel about your business. Save that for your blogs and newsletters. 


Use enough wording to get straight to the point about your new offers and company updates. Don’t be afraid to use eye-catching wording that evokes emotion — everything on that flyer should be interesting and enticing.

No Personalization

As you know, human beings are extremely social creatures. So why not take advantage while you’re planning out your mail marketing campaign? When it comes to marketing, people respond to personalization. The emotional response people have when they see their own names can make all the difference. 


Personalization isn’t as tough as you might think. There are plenty of direct mailing marketers who have the right technology to help you create personalized mail fast. Direct marketers can even go so far as to send special messages for customer birthdays and anniversaries.

Being Stingy About Your Promotions 

Great copy and well-executed design may get your customer’s attention, but without a compelling promotion, you aren’t giving them much of a reason to take any action. Highlighting your product and all of its benefits are important. But in addition to that, your customers should feel like they’re getting a special deal that they’re only being offered because they signed up for your mailing list. Give an offer no one can refuse. These offers are a proven way to get customers shopping: 

  • Free quote or consultation
  • Free trials
  • Limited-time sales
  • customer/subscriber loyalty events
  • Bonus gifts

Direct marketing campaigns can be a pain to plan out on your own. Overlooking a single component could send your operation down the drain. Looking for a way to avoid these mistakes and execute a stress-free, effective mail campaign? immedia is here to help. We’re a reputable team that takes care of your marketing needs, so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today for a free service quote.

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