When it comes to direct mail marketing, you want to make sure that you are planning correctly. Not all times of the year are the right time to advertise in the mail, but around the holidays, you have more consumers looking for product deals and promotions, making it one of the prime times to send out your mail.


If you want to make the most of the holiday season and bring your mailings to the next level, you need to ensure that you are taking the proper preparatory steps. Outlined below are three ways that you can prepare for your holiday mailings to ensure it is successful as possible.


1. Plan Multiple Waves

Throughout the holiday season, there are several points where you should be sending out mail. While many companies only tend to send out advertisements just before the holiday season, they often lose out to people who want to shop or take advantage of post-holiday sales. For this reason, you should be planning multiple waves of direct mail so that customers can see your promotional material both before, during, and after the holidays. The more often they see your ads throughout the holidays, the more likely they will take advantage of your offers. You can also put a promotion in place that requires a customer to interact with all three direct mail ads and let them know dates they should expect them.


2. Use QR Codes

One of the great ways to enhance your holiday mailings is by including QR codes on any material that you send out. As almost everyone has a smartphone these days, a QR code can be instrumental in bringing your ads to the next level. You can use your direct mail to notify customers of promotions or offers you have available, and for more details, you can give them a QR code they can scan with their phone. Sometimes including too much on direct mail can turn off customers as it is overwhelming to look at. With a QR code, you can include only what is necessary. It also helps track customer interactions.


3. Reward Loyal Customers

By rewarding customers who remain loyal to your business, you can guarantee that they will keep coming back for more. Showing them, you appreciate their business makes every interaction they have with you feel personal. They know that they are helping you and thus you help them. You can let customers know you are thankful for their support during the holidays by sending out rewards and special offers exclusive to loyal customers. For new customers, you can inform them of your loyalty program so that more people will begin to jump on board.


The holidays are when people tend to be running on adrenaline and stress when it should be a time for relaxing and being thankful. Using your direct mail correctly can address customers at their homes where they are in comfort to take in your offer. Ensure you send multiple waves of materials, use QR codes, and reward loyal customers so your holiday direct mailing campaign reaches its fullest potential. Contact our direct mail experts to learn more.


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