Designing A Dimensional Mail Campaign That Works.

There’s no doubt about it: direct marketing works when done well.

According to recent surveys, 54% of consumers want to receive mail from brands they like. When they do, 42% of recipients read or scan the mail, and 56% go on to visit a physical store. Right now, 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than digital marketing. Did you know, though, that there’s a way to take that personalized experience one step further for your customers? The answer is dimensional mailers.

Dimensional mailers are a marketing item that’s different from a traditional flat envelope mailer. A dimensional mailer could be a box or package, it could be an eye-catching postcard with a magnet or scratch off affixed, or it could be a piece of content that opens or expands when your customer interacts with it.

The possibilities are endless. Using dimensional mailers is one of the best ways to grow your direct mail response and promote brand recall among your customers.

So, you’ve decided you want to use dimensional mailers. The next step is figuring out which form of dimensional mailer is best for your business. Here are three tips to find your perfect fit:

1. Think Beyond the Box

While graphic-printed boxes can be eye-catching, they’re expensive and, once opened, destined for the recycle bin.

Instead of paying for printed boxes, consider investing in labels or publishing your messages on an outer sleeve of packaging, like feminine shave company Billie does.

These are smart, cost-effective ideas that make an impression without breaking the bank.

2. Choose Premium Items Carefully

If you want to choose the right dimensional mail item, you’ve got to consider your audience demographics carefully. This includes gender, age, and industry.

Seek to provide something your target audience will use and will make sense in the context of the mailer. Trout Unlimited, for example, sends out personalized, trout-themed address stickers. Don’t forget to brand that item with your logo and website!

3. Master Your Design and Message

The secret to a successful dimensional mail campaign is cohesion. For best results, you’ve got to plan ahead so that your copy and design work seamlessly together.

Most mailers include several elements. These include an outer box, inner packaging, labels, and inserts. Because of this, it pays to work with a marketing company that offers dimensional mail services. Doing so ensures correct messaging and marketing.

Be sure to keep your copy minimal but personal. This should be a fun unboxing experience for your customer, after all.

Interested in what a Dimensional Mail Campaign for your business would look like?

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