When looking for new ways to get your business name out there, you should be exercising marketing tactics that target consumers directly. Many businesses think that paying for ads online and in papers is an effective way to get their brand name known, but it is not the best method.


An age-old tactic that has been around forever is direct mail. Direct mail can revolutionize your business bringing in new clients you never thought possible. Outlined below are three reasons why direct mail is so powerful.


1. Easy To Measure

Many businesses that exercise online marketing tools like search engine ads often have difficulty tracking data. While many companies can monitor how many customers interact with these ads, it is sometimes challenging to navigate these data systems. With direct mail, you can easily track and monitor how many customers you have reached and who is responding. 

Depending on what you include in direct mail, whether it be coupons, promotions, or sign up lists, when you receive these back, it is a clear indicator that you have made a positive connection. For your direct mail to be successful, you need to ensure that it is visually appealing, and your offer is something that makes consumers want to go out of the way to participate in.


2. More Accurate Targeting

Unlike online marketing or newspapers, direct mail targets specific individuals rather than a general audience. While you can attempt to target groups of people online and in print, it does not guarantee that it will reach them. You can accurately plan your target audience with direct mail by only sending flyers to residences where you know your target market lives. You can usually utilize a particular directory to gain information about where to send your direct mail.


3. Addresses An Individual

When someone is perusing the internet and their screen is bombarded by ads they become overwhelmed and just get annoyed by the ads rather than want to engage with them. In regards to direct mail, the ads are addressed to an individual using their name. With this highly personalized marketing tactic, you can craft an alluring and persuasive ad tailored to specific customers. When someone sees mail with their name on it, they are much more likely to check it over and engage rather than throw it out or scroll away in terms of the internet.


Figuring out how to grow your business and brand is not as straightforward as you would think. With many avenues to take for marketing, choosing where to concentrate your funds can often cause stress. To ensure that your marketing hits home, you should be sending direct mail. Direct mail provides accurate targeting to ensure your desired market receives the ad, easy to measure the efficacy of the ads, and the ability to personalize ads so that people know your business cares about their satisfaction. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your direct mail journey.


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