Have you ever tried to use a Live Stamp on your mailings or direct mail projects? We want to share three major benefits to using these for your business communication or direct mail campaigns:


#1: Mail Class Options

This can be done for Standard Commercial, Non Profit and Presorted First Class Mail. Delivery standards and postage would be the same as when using a permit imprint. So your expected ‘in home’ and postage costs would be the same..

#2: Increased Open Rates

When the recipient sees a stamp on your envelope, they may assume that it is first class mail and give it more importance than a piece with a bulk indicia. Therefore, using a stamp will help to ensure your envelope gets opened because it will look different than all the other direct mail in their mailbox.

#3: More Personal Touch

A live stamp seems more personal, so the recipient feels the piece is directed especially to them. This will help them be more engaged with the mailer and improve your call to action be it an invitation to an event or an appeal to support your organization.

While Live Stamps have all of these built-in advantages over other methods, we recommend working with an experienced direct mail company to get it right. From the design phase to printing and delivery, the team at immedia will walk you through it every step of the way. Contact immedia at +1-800-422-7814 and we can get you started!


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